Ladies, the time is now to get our heads right about the importance of a scale, and the importance of recognizing when we don’t need it. Think of the scale as a relationship in your life that is only meant to be there for a short time. It’s there during the ups and downs through your journey of weight loss, but then moves away, only to check in once every couple months. The scale is one those things that you either dread and refuse to allow into your life, or one of those things you allow to control your habits, thoughts, and mood. I am just going to put this out there, “the scale is a thief and a liar”!! Let’s go over many of the reasons why the scale is deceptive, likes to steal our joy, and doesn’t tell us the whole truth.

First off, the scale changes it’s story. From morning to night the scale can tell you one number and then another, until you are unsure which number is correct. Well here’s the truth, factors such as food or drink intake, activity levels, time of day, menstrual cycle, etc. all have an impact on the scale. So much so, that the scale can vary up to 5lbs! The issue with this is that most people associate the number on the scale with the word “fat”. However, those varying numbers in a day are not indicative of fat lost or gained, but based on water retention or blood flow! So here’s how we kick this lie to the curb. Weighing yourself monthly will give you a more accurate representation of your weight loss journey, without the daily stresses of false readings.

Secondly, the scale likes to pretend it’s a know it all, when in actuality it knows very little. It does not measure the amount of inches lost, muscle gained, blood pressure, energy levels, mood stability, sleeping patterns; I could go on for days. Our strength levels, fitness levels, and sleep could have all increased, while our mood swings, poor eating habits, and pant size all decreased, and we would still choose to believe what the scale says over what the rest of our results have shown. The scale is a fraud, and only wants us to see it’s results as the truth. Until you can stop obsessing and allowing a man-made device determine your results, you will never recognize the other victories you have achieved on your health and fitness journey.

Thirdly, the scale likes us to believe that the lower the number is, the healthier we are! This is the furthest thing from the truth! For example, muscle in itself weighs more than fat, so in essence the scale should be higher on a person with muscle than a person who possesses more fat. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy. If I wanted to be skinny I would cut my calorie intake by half and do hours upon hours of cardio and then watch that number go down. However, there is always a consequence when taking a short cut and doing it the unhealthy way. After one loses the motivation and ability to keep this pace, and their old habits return, their metabolism as been harmed and the weight they have just lost, will be found, along with a few of their friends. Don’t let the number on a scale determine your worth or your health, because it’s a thief who likes to steal your joy, motivation, and overall sanity.

Lastly, let me take you on a mind-confusing discussion of what you want. Do you want to be:

  1. a size 6, 150lb. woman with muscle definition
  2. a size 10, 140lb. woman with no definition
  3. a size 8, 145 lb. lean woman

Many factors play into these numbers that we have absolutely no control over. Our height, bone structure, bone density, etc. all play a part in our pant size and our weight. If you want more definition you have to lift heavier weights, but then lifting heavy causes muscle growth, which causes the scale to increase. If you want the scale to go down, your pants may not because your hips are your hips and the bone can’t shrink, so you may never be a size 6 or 8. Enjoying the mind-boggling journey through numbers yet? This is exactly why we must strive for health over a number. Be strong and fit, not skinny.

At one point in your life you will need to say goodbye to that scale and acknowledge that your life has turned from unhealthy to healthy.

Your activity levels have increased, your poor eating habits are out the window, and you’re starting to take care of yourself. The scale is no longer needed because it can no longer be a factor in your success. It may come back for a visit to make sure you are still on track, but it is not a daily or weekly visitor! Ladies, let’s be healthy enough, not skinny enough.