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The Scale of Deception

Ladies, the time is now to get our heads right about the importance of a scale, and the importance of recognizing when we don’t need it. Think of the scale as a relationship in your life that is only meant …

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Redefining Resolutions

Resolutions. Every year we are asked to make them, and every year it seems as if they are impossible to keep. We mess up one day, and the purpose for doing it seems to go out the window. We view …

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Rome wasn’t built in a day

If you ask anyone what their biggest concerns are about losing weight, they would respond with the length of time it takes to get the weight off or the amount of dedication it takes. It goes to such extremes as weighing themselves …

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Don’t forget to rest!

If you read Instagram posts, Facebook posts, magazine articles, etc. you will see a common trend in the fitness world: “The harder you work, the better results you will get!”. Well this is true to an extent. Most fitness enthusiasts believe that …

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