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About Us

Revive your Mind. Body. Soul.

REVIVE Total Fitness is a fitness studio created BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN!

OUR FULLY EQUIPPED STUDIO includes top of the line equipment to help women lose weight, strengthen their muscles, and tone their bodies. Whether it’s an image issue, a physical struggle, a need for accountability, or a mental release, we provide a comfortable and inviting environment to help you reach your goals. Through weight training, stability control, and high intensity workouts, our programs are designed to help you feel strong and confident in your own skin.

OUR FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES are created to suit every businesswoman, mother, shift-worker, and entrepreneur. A woman’s time is valuable and therefore our scheduling system is designed to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to use their time efficiently. Starting on the half hours allows nurses and other shift-workers enough time to make their sessions; as well as mothers the ability to drop their children off at school and come straight to training.

OUR REASONABLE PRICES offer everyone, regardless of financial status, the opportunity to become physically fit and stay active. At REVIVE, we believe in giving every woman the attention and focus that she deserves. Therefore, our ratio of trainer to client maxes out at 1:4. Our prices, do not reflect our ratio, they reflect our dedication to offering excellent service with a reduced price. Whether you prefer to be 1-on-1 with a trainer, come in with a friend, or workout alongside a group, we provide the attention and focus required to help push you to your goals.

OUR EXPERIENCED TRAINERS AND COACHES not only have the educational background to help you reach your potential, they also have the life experience. Whether it was their own struggle with weight, their years working under fitness professionals, or learning from their own fitness journey, our trainers are prepared to help you reach success. They themselves were once the client, the student, and the person in your shoes.

We are committed to providing a comfortable, affordable, and motivating environment! We hope to see you soon! OUR FULLY EQUIPPED STUDIO, OUR FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES, OUR REASONABLE PRICES OUR EXPERIENCED TRAINERS AND COACHES

OUR PHILOSOPHY: We seek to create a supportive
environment where women can achieve their goals,
learn proper technique and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Team

We are dedicated to your success

Cassie Reid
Personal Trainer / Owner

CFES certified since 2013
Being an athlete for the majority of my life, I always knew about the importance of healthy eating and fitness. Competing at the highest levels in female hockey allowed me to glean information from top nutritionists and trainers in the business. However, in my mid-teens I gained an excess of 80 lbs. in one year; causing a lot of doubt and shame. For ten years I struggled to get the weight off and keep it off in a healthy manner. I had the knowledge and the resources to change it all, but for some reason this rollercoaster consumed me and weighed me down. Three years ago I decided to make the change, and I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. I got certified as a Personal Trainer, Weight Trainer, and Group Trainer in Vancouver, and began focused on getting myself into shape physically and mentally. Through In-Shape Training I take yearly workshops that address muscle control, stability, eating disorders, etc. My journey has taught me a significant amount about health and fitness; things I couldn’t learn in a classroom. However, the two combined have enabled me to be the type of trainer that is driven and relatable.

Karen Reid
Fitness Coach

Fitness and training have always been apart of my life. In the 80’s I taught step aerobics at a Golds gym, where I soon realized that jumping up and down was not very enjoyable after having three children. So in the early 90’s I started lifting weights and began my journey in body building. Lifting weights showed me a whole new side to fitness that did not involve significant amounts of cardio or jumping. It was then that I decided to compete in a body building competition and placed 3rd in B.C.; all while farming and taking care of three children. When my children began to play hockey competitively I wanted to gain the knowledge and ability to help train them as athletes. I became certified in Plyometrics through Peter Twist, the Canucks strength and conditioning coach. Knowing that eating plays a significant role in an athlete’s progress, I attended nutrition seminars with the B.C. Lions athletic department. Though these courses helped expand my knowledge, it was my personal experience being trained by professional instructors that has helped me the most. I have trained with body building champions Mr. North America, Mr. Caribbean, and several others throughout my 27 year journey. Three years ago, I once again took the journey to compete in a fitness competition in Arizona. Some call me “Drill Seargent” or “Jillian Michaels”, which can describe my intensity at times, but the gym is my happy place, and I take it seriously. I want results, I am strict in technique and I strive for a natural injury free body.

Fitness to me isn't about a crunch or a pushup
it is about taking your power back!
---------------------- Jillian Michaels ----------------------


Programs and Routines designed for success

Program Planning

Struggling to figure out what exercises work for you? Program planning provides you with a customized routine that is tailored to meet your personal needs.

Personal Training

Need that little extra attention? We would love to support you by keeping you focused, adjusting your exercises as needed and pushing you to your next level of success.

Partner Training

Sometimes we need a partner to push us past our comfort levels, help us exceed our own expectations and share in our growth. Partner Training offers you the opportunity to take this fitness journey with someone else by your side.

Small Group Training

Maybe getting fit is a top priority for you but the intimidating factors and prices are too much. In our small group sessions, we offer intense, structured, and thought-out routines in groups of 3-4 people. Here people can challenge and encourage one another in a structured and welcoming environment.


Lifting weights WON'T make you big and bulky.
You WON'T look like a man.
You DON'T produce enough testosterone.
It WILL actually enhance your feminine curves.
STOP believing the false rumours.


We have the right pricing for you

/ hour
/ 12 sessions
/ month
You + one
/ person
/ 12 sessions
/ month
Min 4, max 6
/ person
/ unlimited
/ month


Fitness is not about being better than someone else...
it is about being better than you used to be

Success Stories

Clients who have chosen health




Paula wanted to feel confident so she strengthened and toned her body.



Weight Loss

Tami struggled to lose the baby weight after her second child.

cassie small


Weight Loss

Though Cassie was an accomplished athlete she didn't feel comfortable in her own skin.



Weight Loss

Corrina strengthened her mind as well as her body.




Marie needed the physical strength to take care of her disabled daughter.



Weight Loss

With several health issues, Kristina had to make a change.

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